Monday, January 6, 2014

A Rambling Experiment - Free Prose - Words



Tools of expression. Codes to communicate.

Each language has words.

Putting words together. Letters, Words, Sentences. Paragraphs, Chapters, Books, Libraries.

Ways to be understood.

Ways to show understanding.

They are understood, by most.

Words can be so many things...hurtful, kind, sad, happy, joyful, depressing, loving, hateful.

Listen to another language. You wonder where their words come from.

Who invented those words?

Love, Amor, Pagibig, L'amour, Liebe, Gra, Ast. These all mean the same thing.


Miscommunication. Wars, hate, destruction, violence.

In the ears of the hearer, in the mouths of the speaker.

Real communication. Peace, joy, happiness, Peace.



Friday, January 3, 2014


Dare I rant? Sure, why not. 

I work at one of those big box hardware stores.  (Rhymes with Rows.) Yesterday, I saw three separate young mothers with little 4 -5 year old boys. You know boys.  They are inquisitive, to say the least. They like to touch, to explore. 

In every instance, although no harm was being done, the moms were riding their poor little boys for EVERYTHING! " Don't touch this, don't get into that, let me wipe your hands with disinfectant so you are totally germ free. Don't touch the fountain water because there are chemicals in it (there aren't )", and on and on.

The boys all stood in bewilderment. Then cowered behind their moms. 

Now, I was not one to allow my kids to run rampant, but come on! Let the child be a child. Let a person be a person. 

This made ponder. How do these women treat their husbands? Are they, too, being s-mothered into submission? 

I've seen it, haven't you? 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My life at home

Crickets in the kitchen
Dog poop on the floor
Tony snoring in my ear
Could I ask for more

Zoe singing Wo Wo Wo
Cookie at my feet
Beijing sniffing from behind
Missing my man each week

Garden over growing
Yard is even more
Need to give the dogs their treats
Need to mop the floor

Been here almost one whole year
Fell in love with John
Wouldn't have it any other way
Happy life goes on

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eating Healthy

So lately I have been bombarding my Facebook friends with clips, news stories, blog posts, cartoons, etc. with healthy eating in mind. I have become, I'm sure, very annoying to some people, but I feel I have taken this on as a calling, of sorts.

The more I read, the more I study, the more adamant I become of the need for folks to be educated on their health. I'm just sorry it took me 50 years to realize why I just got heavy, felt bad, got depressed and literally wasn't well

It wasn't until my son-in-law introduced me to the idea of Paleo/primal eating and I started implementing it, did I really realize how unhealthy I had become.

I initially lost 30+ pounds, could climb stairs again, even started running again. I felt great!!!

Then temptation won over and I quit being so strong a Paleo eater and I began to see the effects. Fatigue, weight gain, broken nails, weak muscles. I basically got lazy, had too much ice cream and way too many beers.

Well, in these past 2 weeks I started being very strict with my carb consumption. I have also made a conscious decision to do something physical every day. I can proudly say, without too much effort, I have lost 7 pounds, my nails are growing and my fatigue is going away. My joint pains are subsiding and I feel pretty good.

This is how I do it:

According to the Paleo Pros, eating any grains is harmful to your health.

Another no no are legumes. Basically, if it has to be cooked to break it down to be digestible, it can't be good for you. I don't like the bloated feeling after eating black beans, for example. My body is reacting to food not welcomed. Green Peas and green beans I eat. They can be eaten raw, but I steam them for taste.

Dairy is on a maybe basis. I have found now that I don't drink milk, I get nauseous when I do. I believe our systems are not designed for cows milk as shown with lactose intolerance symptoms, such as nausea, stomach pain, bloating, etc. I do indulge in some cheese, but very little

Sugar. Gaaaa. The big no no. I switched to Stevia a long time ago and really don't miss it. Now, i admit, when I went off the Paleo wagon I hit the Krispie Kreme store a few times. (who let them build one in San Marcos?) and my special date with John is an occasional trip to Dairy Queen, BUT I will have to limit that or I won't lose. For a sweet treat, I have some dried fruit or a peach.

My diet now consists of mainly meat, all kinds, preferable grass fed beef, un-altered chicken (you know the kind that isn't pumped with un-pronounceables before eating) and healthy cold water fish like salmon. I do like hard salami as a carbs. I also eat lots of veggies, especially this time of year. We belong to a CSA and get a basket of organic veggies once a week. We also have a garden which is just now taking off. And I hit the farmers market once a week....have to have my Home grown tomatoes. I actually love to walk down to the square, get my goodies, and walk home. Last week I carried a watermelon home, up hill in 100 degree heat! Brag. We didn't get to eat it, though. John will have to have dried watermelon I guess.

I eat nuts. I love pecans. They are higher in carbs, but they are my treat with raisins.

What else? I try to sleep. I used to get maybe 6 hours in a night. Now I aim for 8 or 9. Waking up regularly with night sweats means I have to make up sleep when I can. Yes "The Nap" is an important time of day!

In the next few weeks I will try to be more scientific as to why I feel this way of eating...the way our Paleolithic forefathers ate, is more suitable for our bodies. There are tons of references I have not posted on Facebook that I want to get out there. I will let you all in on what I am learning.

Please note. This lifestyle is something that has worked well for me. This is why I want to support it, BUT, more importantly, eating CLEAN is the thing. If you can't pronounce it, if the list of ingredients is more than 3 words, I say, yuck! it is work and I try. It isn't always easy, and can be expensive, and temptations are out there .... but watching what you put in your mouth, and the mouths of your children can only be a good thing, right?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scary, but true or Am I really that old?

Recently I was thinking about my grand children as I often do, thinking about their birthdays, their cuteness, how they are growing up so fast. I was enjoying pictures posted on Facebook by their mother...oh there is Ellie Mae, and there is Abigail.....Abigail....Abigail, OMG what is her middle name? What is it? Oh, it will come to me...probably at 2 am. But it didn't! And the longer I waited the further her middle name recessed into my brain. I could have called another daughter, but I was embarrassed. How could I forget Abby's middle name? They would have griped at me...Mom how could you forget her name?

Ok, I have an's called "the change". But, really?

So, yesterday, I was taking to my youngest daughter. She was telling me how she had talked to Abby on the phone. How cute she was.... So, I swallowed hard and blurted out...."what's Abby's middle name?"  "Mom, how could you forget her name? Oh, mom...."

I was just blank.

Ok, it may be funny...maybe....but it's really not. It is scary! Could I be old enough to be that crazy? I'm only 55!  She is my first grand daughter and I am blank.  I told Abby's mom what had happened. I could tell she was a little hurt maybe, taken aback....I would have been...Actually I was. I felt so bad. Then sweet Hannah says..."You should really start taken vitamins again. It is helping me."  Then she texts me later about how blueberries help the brain function better. It's is scary to go from knowing everything, knowing where everything is, what's next on the just going blank. Stone cold blank!

And the kicker? Abby's middle name? It's Bernice. MY OWN MOTHER'S name!!!!

Shoot me now.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Birthday.

So, it's my birthday. The big 55....on the downward slope of the hill. "They" say this is "my" time. Women in their 50's, if all is normal (what ever that means) are supposed to be able to unwind and enjoy themselves. We are still young enough to be physically active, our memories are declining, but not gone. And we aren't supposed to have any worries financially. I said "normal" according to "they".

Well, I come close to normal, I guess, even though I don't like "normal". My kids are all grown, I am an empty nester as of just a few months ago, I am physically well off thanks to exercise and Paleo diet, my memory is still intact for the most part, my memory is intact for the most part....oh, did i just say that?

Financially? Well, I'm working on that. I was great for awhile, but my kids needed help, and that's what a mother does. I know they will pay me back, but...until then, I need income. But, that will come.

I don't know the point of this blog, except that today  is my birthday and way in the past I always made a big deal of it for...myself.  I even bought myself a gift every year. Until around age 35. That's when it just became another day.

 But, I've decided to make it a big deal again; a day to do what I want, nap and read all day if I want.  At my last job they gave you a day off on your birthday. This year, since I am self employed, I decided to do the same.

My sweetie came home from work early, we napped. And now? German Chocolate Cake and ice cream!!!!

Happy Birthday to me! And, thanks to all who sent me messages and kind words.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012





          -UNDER MY LEAVES

          -AND PASSION

          -AND LOVE


          -FOR HOURS MORE


          -I WAS THEIR ROOF



          -LIKE TEARS